AMORES project a Marie Curie new proposal

AMORES project a Marie Curie new proposal

Following on from the Atlantic Arc Commission General Assembly in Porto (14 November 2019), and the contacts taken with the University of the Basque Country, we would like to inform you that we will support, as associated partners, the AMORES project, financed by H2020 as part of the Marie Curie programme.

1)    Objective of the project

This scholarship programme aims to support interdisciplinary investigations, and international collaborations interdisciplinary through the mobility of researchers.

The AMORES project will develop 14 scholarships in the field of Offshore Renewable Energies, helping universities to be at the forefront of knowledge in the field of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) and contributing to reduce skill gaps in this specific sector.

2)    Consortium

The consortium is composed of major universities in the field of MRE. The majority are Atlantic.

University of the Basque Country
University of Strathclyde
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
École Centrale de Nantes
Technical University of Denmark
Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon
Delft University of Technology
University College Cork
Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics
Tecnalia Research and Innovation

3)    What would be our involvement?

As associated partners, our role would be to disseminate the activities of the projects (seminar, summer schools, conferences) and its outputs. Moreover, the Atlantic Arc Commission could be asked to directly participate in the events organised and provide to researchers some information on European Law and Programmes related to MRE.

4)    Why this project is relevant to us

  • This is a concrete initiative linked with the orientation of the Pays de la Loire Region, Chair of the Atlantic Arc Commission;
  • It is also linked with the orientations of the MRE Working Group, led by the Basque Country and the Innovation Working Group led by Nouvelle-Aquitaine;
  • It enables the Atlantic Arc Commission to learn more about the needs of the Atlantic Universities in the field of MRE;
  • It enables us to capitalise on the Statement All Atlantic Skill Alliance validated at the Atlantic Arc Commission General Assembly in Porto. The Basque Country University is a very active university, with an extended network with which it has developed partnerships and projects on MRE. For example, the REM Master’s, presented in Porto;
  • It enables us to nurture our work on maritime training and MRE and to develop concepts of the projects within the Innovation Working Group/MRE Working Group;
  • The University of the Basque Country has also agreements with some Universities in the USA and Mexico, which would help us explore the transatlantic dimension of our work;
  • It enables to get key contacts to nurture our think tank and lobbying activities on maritime training and maritime industries;
  • The letter of support is broad enough to be able to have a flexible participation of the Atlantic Arc Commission Secretariat.

We really look forward to update you on the success of the application and to share with you during our hub meetings, some best practices that the project would be able to develop.

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